Our iconic, little Piaggio coffee carts can be hired for any kind of event whether it’s private, corporate or public. They will add sparkle, uniqueness to any event.

We strive to always create a unique and artisan cup of coffee, or other hot beverages, to your event with fully trained baristas on hand, dedicated to serving an exceptional cup of coffee or other hot beverage from our iconic, cute looking mobile coffee carts.

We aim to always create a unique and artisan cup of coffee that is finished with love and will make you smile. Our coffees are served by fully trained professional baristas, the you need it the most.

We of course do provide a huge range of other hot beverages too.

Depending on your requirements and the location, there may be some power or space requirements to allow us to ensure you the best out of our little carts. Our cart’s performance is gentle but very reliable. Our Piaggios (PJ’s) have also been called a bee, due to the sound of the engine.

The environment is important to us too. We use eco-friendly cups and we are part of Fairtrade.

3.5 m

long without pull out rear table

4.25 m

long with pull out rear table

1.5 m

wide without the pull out side table

2.0 m

wide with the pull our side table

2.20 m


4.99 m


2.5 m

Lenght while open

1.9 m


1.88 m


4.99 m


3.0 m

Lenght while open

1.9 m


1.97 m


We are a small business, with low overheads, which allows us to be very accommodating

Location, times and numbers of potential people will affect the price.

For private events the quantity of consumables will be arranged prior to the event.

For public events, we will need a guide as to expected visitors.

Our little cart and vans are extremely reliable and economic to run from LPG and leisure batteries, but they can also run from mains power (recommended for long event times) or a small generator.

All enquiries are dealt with individually.

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