We love good coffee!!!  We run our iconic, cute, little coffee carts serving artisan coffees and more, locally in and around Bournemouth.

Our little Piaggio Ape Classic (known as PJ’s) of which we now have 2 versions, are available for hire for your events, or we can be pitched semi-permanently on location. We also have a permanent pitch at LV head office in Bournemouth.

All of our servers are highly trained baristas who always serve with a smile.

We are a family owned, local company with a big dream!

Coffee has never been better than it is today. Producers know more than ever before about growing coffee and have access to more varieties, specialist growing and roasting techniques.
Roasting is one of the most fascinating aspects of the coffee industry. It takes the green coffee seed, which has almost no flavour beyond a quite unpleasant vegetal taste, and transforms it into an incredibly aromatick, remarkebly complex coffee bean.
There are number of key stages during roasting, and the speed at which a particular coffee passes through each of these stages.

All our Coffee is Roasted fresh in Small Batches. Where coffee is concerned, roasting in big batches is not better. Micro roasted coffee is considered to be the best tasting coffee in the world.

It boasts flavour and qualities that cannot be matched by many mass produced coffee roasters. We do everything in very small batches ensuring the individual characteristics of each coffee are developed to perfection.
A full bodied medium roast espresso blend with balanced acidity. Designed to be used with milk. Expect smooth Caramel sweetness, light Chocolate and Pecan notes.